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UK Truck Simulator puts you in the cab of various haulage vehicles, making deliveries around England.

This simulator comes from SCS Software, veterans of thre truck simulator world. UK Truck Simulator plays pretty much identically to German and Euro Truck Simulator. In Career mode, you are given a series of lengthy delivery missions around a large if uncomplicated map. Controls are relatively simple, and in game instructions are good. There are plenty of camera views, useful when you're hooking up a trailer and also to keep things interesting on long highways.

In terms of driving physics, UK Truck Simulator is pretty basic. It's difficult to really go wrong when driving, and no matter how much you weave and twist at speed, you will not jacknife! Everything about UK Truck Simulator is dry and calm. There isn't really any character to the scenery or truck design, and the gameplay is both simple and relaxed in pace.

If you're a big haulage fan, you'll enjoy UK Truck Simulator, but it's hard to escape the dull, repetitive scenery and simplified physics. The large map is also too limited - more side roads and complexity would go a long way to make exploring more interesting as you make deliveries.

UK Truck Simulator is another average entry into the mass of truck simulators available.

UK Truck Simulator


UK Truck Simulator 1.32

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